About us

Having identified there was a niche to be filled, North American Commodity Consultants Group Inc., a privately held professional services firm, was founded in 2007.  The firm’s goal is to help companies take back control of their fuel, lubricant, compressed gas, propane, utility, and disposal costs while working with their current suppliers.  Established by industry experts with more than 25-years' experience, NACC has helped companies save hundreds of millions of dollars and has grown to become an industry leader.

"In this competitive day and age companies access to accurate and reliable information can often be the difference between profits and losses". - Jason Traviss, Senior Director

While working with NACC Group you will save money by having access to market intelligence, advice and guidance that in the past was only available to Fortune 500 companies.  Typically NACC had only worked with very large companies in the past and did so for monthly fees that ranged from $5,000-$35,000 per month.  

"It was during the past year that we decided to focus on mid-market participants as we found this sector was truly where our information and advice made the largest percentage difference", says Murray Sheehan, CO-CEO at the Firm.    

NACC Group clients come from every single industry.  The breakdown of our portfolio is as follows:

Hospitality 12%
Energy Services, Agriculture & Mining 9%
Manufacturing 16%
Arts, Entertainment & Recreation 8%
Transportation & Warehousing 10%
Administrative, Professional & Scientific Services 6%
Government & Health Care 6%
Private Real-estate & Condominiums 12%
Retail & Wholesale Trade 9%
Finance & Insurance 5%
Construction 4%
Other, including Communications 3%

When you become a client of NACC, you will have access to the entire firm and all of our resources.  We want our clients to be able to make more informed decision about their expenses, so we provide you with an extent of market and industry knowledge that has yet to be rivaled by any other firm.