Commodities, Utilities & Waste Disposal Services

We have outlined some comments below for each area we specialize in. 

Industrial Commodities

Industrial commodities have by far been an area where we have seen the largest price differentials.  Margins for many industrial commodities are not Government regulated nor indexed like Utilities or fuels.  It is nearly impossible to know if you are paying fair margins for industrial commodities and to think you are paying the best rates is no more than a guess.  This includes, compressed gases, lubricants & propane. 

At NACC we index all industrial commodities for every significant geographical point in North American, this allows us to know what the true price should be delivered to your specific location.

Waste Disposal Services

Waste is holding a close second place where we have found great opportunities for our clients.  From bin and compactor rentals, tip fees, and disposal rates, to hazardous waste disposal charges; rates may fluctuate by more than 30% from region to region. 

NACC Group understands the transportation and disposal rates.  Our Clients tend to negotiate new agreements with their current suppliers and continue many of the relationships they have had for years.

Cardlock & Fleet-Card Fuels

NACC Group monitors rates throughout North America.  With the import/export alternative, refinery production decreasing throughout North America, battles for market share, and the demand on fuels fluctuating, this is by far the most volatile area.  With volatility there is great opportunities.  We ensure you are paying the best rates based on your annual volume and the locations you use.

If you have in-yard filling contracted or self-supplied, bulk fuel, retail or fleet cards, NACC Group should review this area and look for areas of improvement.  


For the most part, electricity and natural gas are transparent products with natural gas rates mainly trading at NYMEX, Henry Hub & AECO points throughout North America.  It is from these points that there are hundreds of other delivery points which result in additional transportation and administrative costs. 

While Utilities should be one of the most transparent and competitive areas we service, we find it is the exact opposite.  Each deregulated market throughout North America has thousands of sales people who are only paid when you sign a contract.  The best price on the wrong day, or with the wrong terms and conditions can result in companies paying 2-3 times what they should.  

We ensure our clients make informed decisions and minimize risk by using accurate information to select product that satisfy their corporate objective.