What Our Clients Say

President - (Finance & Banking)

NACC GROUP has deep knowledge of the utility industry pricing structure and in particular the price trending and projections, this was very beneficial in developing a utility pricing strategy to best fit our business consumption patterns. The evaluation of providers enabled the best partner to be selected to meet our requirements and NACC GROUP's honest input was essential in this key decision.

Vice President - (Hospitality)

It is great to have NACC Group looking after my energy procurement.  In a market that I had very little trust in the suppliers, NACC Group’s no nonsense approach and business model won me over. I worked at educating myself to insure my business, its consumption, and pricing structure worked for our Resort. NACC Group “got it”.  Now I am now able to focus more “energy” on my business.

Executive - (Real Estate & Development)

NACC GROUP has effectively guided us in our decision-making process with respect to the deregulation of energy supply in Canada, leading to significant savings in our energy costs. NACC GROUP is extremely knowledgeable about the industry. NACC Group puts the best interests of their client above all else when making recommendations.

Finance Professional - (Automotive)

NACC GROUP brought a different view of the deregulated electricity market to my company. NACC GROUP's rates were reasonable and the service was great. An ability to explain the electricity market, to a numbers person like myself, is one of his strong points. NACC GROUP's staff are always quick to respond to my enquiries with relevant detail.

Vice-President, Operations - (REIT)

…North American Commodity Consultants Group have demonstrated for us a remarkable, almost uncanny ability to time the energy market and provide us with the optimal value for our investment in energy. Over the past couple of years, NACC GROUP has literally saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars with their extremely nimble and effective strategies.

Planet Manager - (Media)

NACC GROUP worked well with us towards finding a unique solution for our business.

Principal - (Consumer Services)

I initially had the pleasure of working with NACC Group at... They always made themselves available for all my inquiries and they certainly developed a service plan that was in the best interest of our company. NACC Group’s industry knowledge was tremendous and we have remained as colleagues after my tenure was completed. I actively promote NACC Group and their services in my consulting role today.

Controller - (Automotive Dealership)

Since 2006 NACC Group has provided valuable information our Company has needed to make informed decisions on our Electricity purchases. NACC Group has answered all of our questions and continues to keep us up-to-date on new developments in the industry.  We plan to continue our successful business relationship with NACC Group for many years to come.