Our Sustainability Statement

“NACC Group Inc. is committed to the active conservation of this planet and its people.”

We are committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees; acknowledge that our business activities have an economic, environmental and social impact. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by implementing changes in every aspect of our business. We always have, and always will, constantly strive to become a better version of ourselves.  

Our Strategy

Paper Reduction:

In our efforts to become more environmental, we are introducing our tablet program. For any new or renewing clients we offer you a free tablet. By doing this we hope our clients will share in our efforts towards a more green future.

In along with our tablet program, NACC Group is committed to becoming paperless, both internal and in our communication with our customers; annually this will remove 22,438 CO2, save 6 Tons of Wood, 137 million BTU's of Net Energy, 76,540 Gallons of Water, 7,476 pounds of solid waste, plus much more. We hope to be 95% paperless by 2016. 


NACC Group is the first consulting group in North America to have success in eliminating over 95% of all travel by leveraging today's technology. Not only does this help improve our business, but it also contributes to our efforts of reducing our carbon footprint.

Main benefits of tele-consulting include:

• Clients are managed more efficiently.
• Clients benefit from our competitive fees.
• Complete flexibility with scheduling.
• Faster report turnarounds.
• No opportunities missed due to Analysts traveling.

What Can You Do?

Join us in this movement and help reduce the environmental impact on our planet.  The “Green Energy” of today may tend cost slightly more; but you will be making a conscious contribution to the future of renewable resources such as wind, solar or biomass. With NACC you can access true wholesale rates for Renewable Energy Credits (REC's) and Carbon Offsets.